IT service

What we do.

We choose the most convenient and optimally automated approach to client workflows.

  • Virtualization of server tasks for easier use with security in mind.
  • Analysis of existing networks and necessary options for debugging / servicing them.
  • Problem solving with mail services.
  • Setting up remote access to server data from the Internet.
  • Ensuring data security on both servers and workstations.
  • Debugging of data backup, both locally and on remote NAS storage.
  • Maintenance of existing IT equipment.
  • We advise and carry out predefined regulatory work.
  • We create and maintain technical client Wikipedia.
  • We carry out accounting automation based on 1C products. (a separate unit that provides additional conditions)

Our range of services is not only limited to physical departure to the client, we carry out most of our services in remote assistance mode.

How we do it

Of course, every new job needs first and foremost analysis. On a paid basis, we collect the maximum information from all the available customer base to create a complete picture of problems and needs, to determine what we have in the beginning and what recommendations are needed to improve. At this stage, our collaboration is about deciding on the form in which the client will cooperate with us: subscription fees or one-time calls.

Subscriber form

There are several benefits to this form of collaboration:

  • The price is much less than the corresponding volume of work performed unlike another form;
  • Responsiveness, our regular customers have the highest priority when contacting;
  • Control and performance of the stipulated regulatory works without the client’s participation;
  • Availability, for each client is assigned its own specialist, who is in communication throughout the working period of time;
  • Stability is useful when the client knows for sure what and when we are doing according to the work schedule;
  • Transparency, we report in detail once a month on all work done.

The subscription service takes place both in remote form and in periodic scheduled trips to the client’s office, the frequency of which is specified in advance. Most control and problem detection procedures in most cases occur remotely without physically locating our employees in the client’s office. The identified problems are divided into those that are solved within the subscription fee and those that require a separate additional payment. We detail the content of the identified problems in the monthly report, everything that is not subject to resolution at the expense of the subscription fee, discusses with the client separately about the options for the solution and their subsequent payment.

Of course, in every office there are current technical and software problems that require the physical presence of our specialists, so we offer on mutually favorable terms to solve the frequency of our trips to the client’s territory to provide solutions to the problems of the office, which are included in the subscription service.

Sometimes there are force majeure circumstances that require extra trips outside of the established regulations, such individual cases are discussed separately and occur on a paid basis regardless of the amount of the subscription fee.

The average total cost of monthly services is calculated from the existing or planned number of workstations and servers per client.

Form of one-time appeals

This form is implemented on the principle of payment for work per hour, with some clarifications:

  • The customer’s computer equipment and peripheral equipment are serviced in a remote form of assistance. Remote work means connection to the client’s equipment via the Internet, the minimum tariff is 15 minutes.
  • In case of departure of the specialist to the territory of the client, it is charged immediately 4 hours of working time, regardless if less time was spent to solve the problem.
  •  All consultations and answers to the client’s questions in the telephone mode within 5 minutes are not charged and are not payable if the time spent is more than 15 minutes then it is equal to how the remote work is carried out and it is charged under the terms of remote work.